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Is Being a Whore a Bad Thing?

When I was young, bright eyed and bushy tailed, I was told that a whore was the worse thing ever, and no man will ever marry a whore.  I held this doctrine close in my heart like the scriptures from the bible.  I went through life believing that all those girls giving it away with a double coupon were never going to find love.  As time passed and my bright eyes became dim and my bushy tail became limp, I realized how wrong that theory was.  All of the whores I knew found someone to marry them, and even better than that, they found men who would take care of them financially.  Now I stand here as a independent woman doing it for herself kind of puzzled, so not only did they enjoy themselves growing up, but they also finished the  race ahead of me.  Don’t get me wrong.  I know being a whore requires some low self-esteem, but this one is up there with, there is no Santa Clause, Tooth Fairy, and Prince Charming is just a character in a Disney movie.  What do you think?  Is being a whore the worse thing in life, or is it the old and new come up?